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Below are some of the services that we offer at very competitive prices. The workshop is open 11-6 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 11-1 Saturday, by appointment only please

Phone 07753 685833 to arrange a convenient time to call in

Electric guitar and bass set up

Should your guitar dictate how good your playing technique and sound is? Most instruments can be improved with a little attention to detail and you will then be able to get the best/lowest playing action and tone. Minor setup and adjustment (truss rod adjust, clean and polish frets, fingerboard nut, action height, intonation, clean volume and tone pots) from £45 plus parts Major setup (all minor setup items plus fret dress and reshaping) from £85 plus parts 


Acoustic Guitar Setup

Many acoustic guitars suffer from high playing actions. We will lower it, dress any high frets and adjust the truss rod and fingerboard nut to allow maximum playing comfort. Intonation will be assessed and if necessary the bridge saddle can be moved to correct any problems. From £45 + parts (Let us quote you)







All types of repairs and restoration can be undertaken. We can repair broken necks and refinish to save the cost of a new neck! Lifting fingerboards? Cracks and breaks in guitar bodies? Warped tables and lifting bridges on acoustic guitars? Faulty pickups and electrics – irrespective of instrument type or age. We can even arrange for broken pickups to be rewound for you to any specification! From £45 + parts


We can re-fret your guitar with the fret-wire of your choice and set the instrument up to play with the best possible playing action. From Steel: £175 Stainless: £235 (Slightly more if fingerboard has edge binding)


New machine heads, pick-ups, installing tremolo units, fingerboard nuts, active circuits, rewiring, new switches and pots etc. etc. From £45/hour (Let us quote you first)


If you fancy a custom colour, or your guitar has damaged paintwork, we can do a partial or a total refinishing job for you – in virtually any colour or type of paint! From £165 (Let us quote you first)


Tremelo Problems

Locking tremolos are a pain in the proverbial. If yours does not stay in tune we will sort it so that it does! The system will be stripped down and examined, including the locking nut, any faulty parts replaced, reassembled and the action, intonation and truss rod set. From £75 + parts





If you fancy a custom colour, or your guitar has damaged paintwork, we can do a partial or a total refinishing job for you – in virtually any colour or type of paint! From £225 (single colour) depending what you want (Let us quote you first)







Amplifier repairs

we can undertake all kinds of electronic repairs and upgrades to your specification. Speaker replacement, etc. from £45 plus parts













String recycling

Wondering what to do with your old guitar and bass strings? wonder no more, send them to me for recycling




















About me

Clive Wayland started playing guitar over 50 years ago, playing in a pop group “Wild Flower” in the village where he lived. When Robbie Gladwell moved into the area, he switched to bass guitar, and they played together for a couple of years in local pubs and village halls. Over the years he has played in a variety of bands from rock to gospel and is now back playing bass guitar in a blues/rock/pop 5 piece band called Decksters based around Bicester. (

Blessed with a DIY attitude inherited from his father, he learned to fix repairs on his own guitars, and has in recent years spent a lot of time with Robbie (aka Dr Robert) in his Guitar Surgery in Suffolk learning how to do it properly, as well as more serious repairs. He has his own workshop in Bicester, Oxfordshire, where he wastes many hours playing around as well! Get in touch


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